Herbal Safety Tips

The Basics

We care about your health and want you to be healthy and happy.  Therefore, to enjoy our herbal products we ask you to be well-informed about herbs before you use them.  

Investigate the benefits and risks prior to taking an herbal supplement because although herbs are natural products they have been known to cause serious side effects.  Keep in mind, some herbs cannot be mixed with prescription or over the counter medications and if having surgery it is best to refrain from consuming herbal products as they may interfere with the success of the procedure.  Always consult with your physician first to determine what is best for you.  

When starting herbal supplementation, start by taking one herb or herbal blend at a time to determine its effectiveness. Begin with low doses to see how your body responds. If you experience symptoms that seem strange or unusual within hours after taking an herbal product please discontinue use as you may be experiencing an allergic reaction or side effects.


A. Consult with the child’s physician before consuming any  type of herbal or pharmaceutical medicine.

B. Keep out of reach of children.  Keep all medicine locked away in a safe place.  


Senior citizens please note, sensitivity to drugs (risk of side effects) and medicinal compounds in herbs may increase with age.

While herbal remedies usually have fewer and milder side effects than pharmaceutical medications, they still pose a health risk if taken improperly.  As a safety precaution, we recommend that you always consult with your health care physician prior to taking any of our products. This includes but not limited to pregnant women, mothers that are nursing, persons with an ongoing medical condition, if your planning to have surgery or are taking a prescription drug.  

Storage and Maintenance:

Use our products wisely and with care.  Store your blends, teas, salves, capsules and any other natural herbal product in a cool dry place and keep tonics refrigerated. Herbs are food and should be treated with care.  

Shelf Life:

Tinctures- 3-5 years 

Dried roots & bark- 1-2 years

Leaves & flowers- 1-2 years

Powdered herbs- 6 months

Salves- up to 1 year

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