Herbs To Support Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Published by Malira Dai on 1st Jun 2020

Herbal medicines have been used for centuries during pregnancy to treat everything from nausea to infections. Below you will find a list of common herbs used ease the transition into pregnancy as well as motherhood.  In most cases, herbs are to be avoided during the first trimester unless necessary. For example, ginger for morning sickness and headaches. It's recommended to consult with an experienced herbalist or your doctor.

While pregnant:

Ginger- Upset stomach and nausea

Sea Moss- Supports healthy production of amniotic fluid, contains vital components like nutrients and infection fighting antibodies

Alfalfa- Destresses the nervous system, helps body cope with stress, promotes overall wellness and super alkalizing

Elderberry- Immunity boost and protection

Stinging Nettle- Nutritive tonic supports healthy pregnancy, high vitamin content, helps body meet physical demand of pregnancy

Chamomile- Relaxation, nausea

Burdock Root- Skin issues, high blood pressure, strengthens liver, urinary support 

Yellowdock- Iron rich, great option when faced with iron deficiency and anemia while pregnant, assists with fatigue and low energy 

Lemon balm- Relaxation, heartburn, immunity boost & protection

Echinacea- Combats bacterial and viral infections

Lavender- Sleep, anxiety

Rose Hips- Great source of Vitamin C

Red Raspberry Leaf- Tones the uterus and prepares womb for childbirth, iron rich, eases labor pains 

Dandelion Leaf & Root- Vitamin and mineral rich 

Slippery Elm- Nausea, heartburn 

Milky Oats- rich in calcium and magnesium, anxiety, restlessness, irritated skin (coming to the site soon)

Linden leaf & flower- calming, emotional up lifter

Scullcap- relaxes the mind, natural sleep aid

Hawthorn Berry- calms the nerves, support sleep 

While Breastfeeding:

Fennel- Relieves gas, bloating, supports breast milk production and healthy lactation

Blessed Thistle- Increase breast milk supply

Fenugreek- Increase breast milk supply

Moringa- Very nutritious. packed with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and antioxidants. Increases breastmilk production

Milk Thistle-Increase milk production 

You may also find these handcrafted blends beneficial:

Pregnancy Blend

Be Well For Women


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