Who am I?- Voyage MIA Magazine Interview 2019

Published by Voyage MIA on 5th Nov 2019

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Malira Dai Holistic story. Tell us more about the business.
At Malira Dai Holistic, my products are organic and non-GMO. They’re also homegrown and handcrafted. I’m fortunate enough to be able to grow them myself which means I know exactly where they come from. Grown with love from the time the seeds hit the soil. There are, however, some things I’m unable to grow due to factors beyond my control like climate or region. When this is the case, I source from reputable sources or I wild harvest them. I’m often in the woods with wild hogs and deer foraging along the way.

My specialties consist of herbal capsules, blends and tonics which produce medicinal benefits without the side effects and I’m very happy to say I’ve been able to help others.

From the women struggling with reproductive issues like fibroids and infertility to those who may struggle with weight, acne or chronic diseases. My emails are filled with positive feedback which makes me extremely proud. The reviews serve as confirmation I’m on the right track. My life-long goal is to promote good health maintenance. I want to help people before they get sick. I don’t like the idea of seeing people taking prescription drugs for illnesses that can be prevented or reversed naturally.

My company is most known for our parasite cleanse, it’s a top-selling product. Most people have no clue their body is riddled with parasites that contribute to weight gain, acne, depression and so many other health-related issues. After using the parasite cleanse, several customers have reported major positive health benefits which include but aren’t limited to having more energy, abdominal shrinkage, significant weight loss and mental clarity. One customer even reported of being able to play basketball with his son again after not being able to play for a prolonged period due to chronic inflammation.

My ability to communicate, interact, develop positive relationships and dispel misconceptions that exist with people of color is something that sets me apart from my competition. Most holistic companies I have come across are not owned by people of color and oftentimes, these companies can’t relate firsthand to the frustrations found in my community. From the very beginning of life, most people of color tend to consume culturally associated foods that are devoid of nutritional value. Foods such as white rice, white sugar, beverages that contain high fructose syrup, hot dogs, fried chicken, candy bars, soda, boxed cakes, processed meals and so on all contribute to the health hazards we face. Unfortunately, when our people get sick there’s a common excuse about diabetes, cancer, and obesity we grow up believing; “it runs in the family.” It is my belief these diseases do not run in the family. What runs in the family is are the poor choices we make, the lack of knowledge we have and the limited resources we have available. I share with them my journey and they feel comfortable confiding in me what their health status, issues, fears and concerns are. Typically, people come to me as a last resort. I make them feel comfortable and offer them alternative solutions they have never heard of. I assure them my goal is to help them transform. Whether by learning to live a more sustainable life through growing their own food, opting to cook more and eat out less or taking the necessary steps to be better versions of themselves. The results I have found have been the reversing of generational sicknesses and diseases that have plagued our community for far too long. Thus, giving our bodies and children a fighting chance to survive, thrive and live a life of happiness, peace and balance. "

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